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Saturday • 5 days ago
A.C.T from Innis Park to Sunbury and back  41 mile workout
Thursday, Jun 14 • 7 days ago
A.C.T from Easton Fields to Groveport and back with Rick  31 mile workout
Saturday, Jun 9 • 12 days ago
Hoover Dam to Hartford and back  43 mile workout
Sunday, Jun 3 • 18 days ago
Innis Park to Westerville and back with rain  20 mile workout
Thursday, May 31 • 21 days ago
dispatch to lilly chapel and back via the O.E.T  23 mile workout
Saturday, May 26 • 26 days ago
Honor Ride - medium route, with Bob F. great ride, great cause.  32 mile social
Wednesday, May 23 • 29 days ago
O.E.T. from georgesville to duncan lane and back  29 mile workout
Sunday, May 20 • 32 days ago
Hoover Rsv, Harlem, Miller-Paul, RT 37, Green Cook to Walnut loop  33 mile workout
Sunday, May 13 • 39 days ago
A.C.T from Innis park to Westerville and back  29 mile workout
Sunday, May 6 • 46 days ago
5 Boro Bike Tour, New York City. 7 miles to the start, 40 mile tour and 7 back, with Karl R and Nick D. An amazing day with 32,000 fellow c  54 mile social
Sunday, Apr 29 • 53 days ago
Hoover Rsv loop Red Bank, Woodtown, Peter Hoover and Walnut st.  25 mile workout
Thursday, Apr 26 • 56 days ago
Ohio Erie 1 from Crosswind Dr to Springvalley Rd and back  27 mile workout
Sunday, Apr 22 • 60 days ago
Hoover Rsv - Woodtown - Peter Hoover - Walnut St. loop  30 mile workout
Wednesday, Apr 18 • 64 days ago
Ohio Erie 1 to Lilly Chapel and back  21 mile workout
Sunday, Apr 8 • 74 days ago
quick ride on the A.C.T  15 mile workout
Saturday, Mar 31 • 82 days ago
Innis Park to Plum Rd. via the A.C.T.  33 mile workout
Sunday, Mar 25 • 88 days ago
New Albany to Granville and a stop for coffee with Karl and Bob  36 mile workout
Sunday, Mar 18 • 95 days ago
Innis Park to Galena loop  35 mile workout
Sunday, Mar 11 • 102 days ago
Quick ride on the A.C.T.  20 mile workout
Sunday, Mar 4 • 109 days ago
Bexley to the Casino via the OET with a stop at Platform on the return  27 mile workout
Sunday, Feb 25 • 116 days ago
Hoover Rsv loop with Karl R  25 mile workout
Sunday, Feb 18 • 123 days ago
A.C.T. from Bexley to Westerville and back  29 mile workout
Sunday, Jan 28 • 144 days ago
Hoover Rsv loop - Red Bank, Woodtown, Green Cook, and Walnut  24 mile workout
Saturday, Jan 27 • 145 days ago
A.C.T Innis Park to Westerville and back  23 mile workout
Sunday, Jan 21 • 151 days ago
Hoover Res loop: Harlem, Woodtown, Green Cooke, Walnut St.  24 mile workout
Saturday, Dec 23 • 180 days ago
A.C.T to Westerville and back, rain.  22 mile workout
Tuesday, Dec 19 • 184 days ago
A.C.T loop to Westerville and back  20 mile workout
Saturday, Dec 16 • 187 days ago
A.C.T westerville loop, windy.  25 mile workout
December 2, 2017 • 201 days ago
A.C.T from Bexley to Shrock Rd and back.  23 mile social
November 26, 2017 • 207 days ago
From Hoover Res - Woodland-Peter Hoover Rd. loop  22 mile workout